Some news related to Helix North.

Eight entrepreneurial companies.

Helix North (previously, Technidrone). “Acción impulsa emprendedores” (Action boosts entrepreneurs) in 2014.

Universidad de Navarra (UPNA) Publication.

Helix North (previously, Technidrone), biomasses with drone-generated images
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Young entrepreneurs of Navarra stepping strong.

Helix North (previously, Technidrone), a company developing drone applications.

A revolution in progress.

Helix North (previously, Technidrone), a manufacturer of professional drones.

María Sanz de Galdeano, exporting in entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on major entrepreneurial projects in Navarra, Spain.

Employment drivers in Navarra, Spain.

Companies boosting employment and technological fabric in Navarra, Spain.

Videos and reports on our company.

Seminars –Drones, allies for your company.

We participated in informative seminars on drones and innovation.

Expodrónica, a European fair of drones and robotics by IFEMA.

We attended to one of the most important fairs on drones in the South of Europe.

2014 Entrepreneurial Drive.

Our project is part of Impulso Emprendedor (Entepreneural Drive) by CEIN and the Government of Navarra.

Other documentation of interest.

Press Release and Introduction.

Helix North is introduced as a European manufacturer of professional drones.

Commercial catalogue of Mapker drone.

Mapker drone, the best tool for elaborating maps.

Environmental commitment.

At Helix North, we are committed to the environment through our developments.

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