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Micasense and Pix4D: New Partnerships

From now on you can buy Micasense and Pix4D products with Helix-North.

You can get both the latest model of Altum sensor, as the classic and infallible RedEdge. Of course, we’ll make sure it’s integrated into your Mapker, but there’s a chance you can buy it separately from the Mapker Pack.

In the case of Pix4D licenses, we provide access to all types of licenses. Let’s get into the details:

Micasense Altum

In a single sensor you get high resolution thermal, multispectral and RGB images.

Micasense Redegde M

Professional, robust and durable multispectral sensor for agriculture that captures five spectral bands.

Pix4D Mapper

Photogrammetric software for image mapping and 3D modeling generation.

Pix4D Fields

Software for agricultural image processing and interpretation.

Other products Pix4D and Micasense

If you are looking for a product that is not described above, don’t worry.

At Helix-North we contact Pix4D and Micasense and shortly we will provide you with the desired product.

Contact us and we will help you: