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Interview with Carlos Tarragona, Managing Director of Spectral Geo

In today’s article, we wanted to know more about Carlos Tarragona, Spectral Geo’s general manager. If you want to know what they do and how our drone Mapker helps them in their day to day, we encourage you to keep reading.

1. Well, Carlos, we’d like to get to know you better. What is Spectral Geo?

SpectralGeo is a company specialized in obtaining strategic data for industrial sectors by means of images. To do this, we use remote sensing using different technologies such as drones, satellites or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In turn, the processing of the images is done with artificial vision and deep learning, which exponentially increases the added value of the information we generate. Our main areas of activity are precision agriculture and industry within the framework of the circular economy.

Agricultura de precisión con drones - Spectral Geo

2. Focusing on the precision farming service, how do you help farmers?

Precision agriculture allows farms to be more competitive and more efficient. All the plots are heterogeneous, we can identify that variability, and in this way the farmer will be able to make strategic decisions in order to optimize his inputs, and most importantly, to increase his production, and consequently his profits.

We are currently executing 6 research projects, in which we work in collaboration with the most important universities and research centers at the national level, and the results we are obtaining are spectacular, not only in the functionalities I have mentioned above, but also in more demanding objectives, such as crop estimation from early phenological stages, ripening control and crop quality determination.

Drones para agricultura

3. How does the Mapker drone help you offer this service to farmers?

On the one hand, Mapker allows us to integrate any type of sensor. In fact, to carry out precision farming work we need specialized sensors, which require much more flight time than a normal camera, to cover the same surface. And here is where one of the most spectacular qualities of the Mapker is essential, its autonomy, since it allows you to cover large areas, reaching 55 minutes in the air, which means savings in the field and in the cabinet, saving multiple flights and consequently, processing.

4. What work with the Mapker drone would you like to emphasize?

One of the research projects we are working on requires massive data collection from a 52-hectare plot. With Mapker we are covering this plot with a multispectral sensor in a single flight, which means obtaining very high quality information, and with a homogeneous calibration, which allows us to save time in the field and in the office, and most importantly, to generate quality information, which would not be possible with other equipment, in which we would have to match flights with different shadow and lighting conditions, and at different times of the day.

Dron Mapker para agricultura de precisión

5. Would you recommend the Mapker drone to someone who is a professional drone pilot? What attracted you to the Mapker drone?

Of course we recommend it. Mapker allows you to develop your professional activity in a fast, efficient way and allowing the generation of high quality products. In addition to its very high autonomy and being a very simple system to transport due to its size, we value very much the speed with which it is prepared, allowing to exchange the sensor in a few seconds. And most importantly, the team of support professionals that Helix North has behind it, which always attends to all the doubts or incidents that may arise in the field, and ends up solving them, allowing you to finish the job, without having to return another day.

Dron Mapker

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