A Career of Ongoing Innovation

Helix North was born in 2014 with the objective of designing and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Systems that offered specialized analysis and terrain control services for all type of purposes. We seek to offer autonomy to infrastructure, engineering, architecture, agriculture and environmental management companies, through a product that enables them to carry out the measurement and control tasks of their projects, without the need of third parties.

Values and History

One of the major objectives at Helix North is to offer technological solutions that facilitate and reduce the costs of current measurement and terrain control processes to companies.

At Helix North, we are deeply committed to the development of the industrial and technological fabric in the Autonomous Community of Navarra. For this reason, we strongly bet on the training and experience of our professionals and vendors.

The sustainable manufacturing and development of our products and equipment is another one of our priorities. The use of sustainable materials and an adequate recycling and component return are essential to our team.

After obtaining two entrepreneurship scholarships in 2014, Helix North is emerging as one of the most innovative companies in the Autonomous Community of Navarra.

“Obra Social Caja Inmaculada y el Grupo San Valero en Zaragoza” Scholarship.

“Acción Impulsa Emprendedores 2014” (2014 Action boosts Entrepreneurs) Award, promoted by “CEIN – Government of Navarra” and with the support of “Grupo Nacional de Correos”.

From our beginnings in 2014, Helix North has developed and improved different professional products through an ongoing technological evolution process.

This is the case of the “Aries pro” RPA, one of the models previous to our current Mapker product.

At Helix North, we are in the process of expanding our Mapker drone, with the aim to distribute and sale throughout the European and South American territory.

Helix North is already a consolidated company in the country and is trusted by some of the most important infrastructure companies of the Spanish panorama. We work with both public and private companies, as we always bet on the quality and solidity of our product, service and personal and reliable assistance.

Camera Versatility.

The Mapker drone has great versatility and can easily interchange between its different cameras.