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5 benefits of using drones in topography

The technology has changed our lives. We no longer relate as before, we don’t buy as before, we don’t watch television as before, etc. I’m sure you’ve noticed it too. All industrial sectors and service companies are immersed in a process of digital transformation. And topography is no less. One of the technologies that have appeared to make life easier for surveyors are drones. That’s why we want to tell you in this article some of the benefits of using drones in topography.

1. Savings for surveying company

By including the use of drones in the topography, you need fewer hours to perform work such as topographic surveys. This results in considerable time savings. This way you can shorten delivery times to your client. This time saving also translates into cost savings by reducing the necessary resources.

2. Reaching inaccessible places

Drones allow you to work with aerial photographs in areas that are extremely difficult to access or inaccessible. Plus, you know what it takes to work in hard-to-reach places: a greater risk. Which brings us to the next benefit.

3. Increase your security

By not needing to access these high-risk areas physically, your job security increases. Thanks to drones you will avoid dangerous situations, considerably reducing the probability of suffering an accident at work.

4. Highest resolution

Another of the benefits of using drones in topography is that they allow very high resolution images and orthophotos to be obtained. This allows you to work with a higher level of detail, without the need to convert to vector formats.

5. Improves the accuracy of volumetric measurements

Compared to conventional systems, the drones in the topography, combined with the appropriate software, allow volumetric calculations (such as in open pit mines and quarries) with higher accuracies and never obtained with traditional methods.

What do you think about the benefits? If after reading this article we have convinced you to incorporate a drone in your surveying company or you have any doubts about the use of drones in topography, do not hesitate to contact us. Ah! We will soon explain in another article the applications of drones in topography, so we encourage you to visit our blog in the coming weeks.

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