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4 benefits of using drones in agriculture

A few days ago we told you in our blog how drones make life easier for surveyors. Today it’s the farmers‘ turn. In this article we are going to explain how technologies and the use of data are changing agriculture. If you want to know what precision agriculture is and the benefits of using drones in agriculture read on.

What is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture is the management of crops by observing, measuring and acting on the variability of the factors that affect them. To this end, technologies such as drones are used to collect this information. Once collected, it is used to make more accurate decisions and optimize crop yields.

What benefits do I get if I use drones in agriculture?

Using drones in agriculture will help you improve your crop yields in the following ways:

  • Detecting pests and weeds. A plague on your crop can cause you to lose part or all of your crop, with the great economic loss that this entails. Thanks to drones you can detect early the areas of your crop that have become infested and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the crop. Which brings us to the next benefit.
  • Fumigate faster and more accurately. The drones allow you to know more quickly and accurately the areas of your crop that need to be fumigated. This will make you more effective and save costs.
  • Determine the condition of plants and soil. By creating a map that shows the reflectance that plants reflect, thanks to drones you can know if a plant is healthy and performs photosynthesis properly. In addition, it gives you data on soil fertility and if there are nutrient deficiencies. In this way, you reduce costs and increase productivity, since you don’t invest as much time as with traditional methods of eye inspection.
  • Make an inventory of cultivated land. If your crop is of large extension, counting the plants it has takes a lot of time. With drones you can count plants and determine their population quickly. This translates into considerable time and money savings. You can also find out about the space problems of your crop.

Imagen de cultivo obtenida con un dron con cámara multiespectral

However, what allows the dron to obtain this data is the multispectral camera that is built in. To capture visible and invisible images of crop vegetation, this camera incorporates multispectral sensors that use green, red, blue, red border and near infrared wavelengths. If you want more information about our multispectral camera, click on this link.

Cámara Multiespectral – Micasense Rededge

Cámara Multiespectral – Micasense Rededge Helix North

If you still have any questions about the use of drones in agriculture or want more information, please contact us or leave a comment on this article. What benefit has caught your attention the most?

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