Dron Mapker

Looking for an autonomous tool to help you carry out technical tasks to obtain topographic data, topometric data, terrain images or different types of 2D and 3D mappings? Mapker was designed to give you all these solutions and more.
Our drone is a high performance multirotor device developed to collect technical data in a professional environment. Aside from its high level of autonomy of 55 minutes, Mapker is small and user-friendly. Its flight planning software will enable you to program flight missions beforehand.

Mapker offers great versatility in the use and interchange of different sensors and optics, be it RGB, multispectral or thermal. Interchange is quite fast and safe with our “Click & Fly” system.

What are you waiting for to speed up technical measurement and mapping tasks on the field with our Mapker drone?

A drone to produce maps

The Mapker drone was especially manufactured for the elaboration of terrain mappings, from cartographic and topographic mappings, to maps for measuring soil volume or raising a terrain in 3D.

Thanks to its “PPK System” our Mapker drone is capable of capturing georeferenced images to centimeter accuracy.

Mapker is the perfect substitute or complement for the traditional terrain measurement methods.


In a working day, Mapker is capable of flying great distances with a superior autonomy of 55 minutes for each flight. Within this time, it can cover areas of up to 120 Ha (1.2 km2).

For this reason, Mapker has become an indispensable tool to speed up measurement and mapping tasks.

Flight Safety

Safety and viability during each flight are our top priorities. Our Mapker drone is programmed to carry our tasks autonomously. Also, due to its morphology, Mapker is extremely stable if unexpected events take place during a flight plan, such as unexpected wind gusts, rain or any other unforeseen weather conditions.

Mapker Pack

Our drone is a technical tool for field work and, therefore, is made to be launched and put away quickly and easily once a task is finished. The product includes a resistant case allowing the safe and organized transportation of the Mapker drone, remote control, telemetric system, battery, manual and charger.

Mapker Data Sheet

Features Description
Weight 3500 gr
Dimensions (without propeller) 470 x 470 x 270 mm
Size of propellers 15”
Max. time of flight 55 minutes
Cargo 500 gr
Engines 4x Brushless
Battery 6S Li-ion
Telemetry range 2000 m
Flight modes Manual / Autonomous