Customized Drone Projects

You have the possibility to create designs and customize them according to the technical needs of your projects and companies.

Helix North has wide experience in customizing drone projects, to perform different tasks for different sectors. The possibilities of using drones in other tasks continue to grow every day.

Customization Conditions

Projects with minimum order.

This type of projects are carried out with a minimum order.

Development costs.

It should be noted that customized design projects lead to additional development costs.

OEM – Manufacturing for other brands.

We offer a design and manufacturing service for other drone and robotics brands.

HAR9 by HEMAV is a system for developing mappings for the precision agriculture and topography industry, offering essential information on the state of crops.


  • Pyrotechnique Parachute.
  • 2-axis gimbal.
  • 3.7kg of weight.
  • 50 min of autonomy.
  • Maximum speed of 8.5 m/s.
  • -5ºC to +45ºC of temperature.
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Drone Mapker

The Mapker drone is the perfect tool for the study, measurement and elaboration of maps for analysis.